Blauwtulp ensures your family capital has a good future
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Private Family Office

Your family capital has a long history. Blauwtulp makes sure it has a good future, through expert knowledge, years of experience and a feeling for the needs of enterprising families.

Experience shows that guarding shared common norms and values is equally important as strategies aimed at the growth and preservation of the family capital.

Family Office Services

You are facing unique chances and challenges. The Family Office Services are developed to relieve you from administrative, fiscal and other obligations. Blauwtulp offers you tailor-made solutions and advice for, amongst others:

* Income- and capitalplanning

* Estate planning

* Pension planning

* Risk management

* Fiscal and legal issues with regard to income, real estate and inheritances

* Family statute

* Real estate pricing, -planning and -advice

* Corporate finance

You have a vision. Blauwtulp supports you as a partner in achieving your goals.



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