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Blauwtulp Wealth Management
Maastoren 43rd floor
Wilhelminakade 1
3072 AP Rotterdam

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The Blauwtulp professionals gladly welcome you in their unique office on the 43rd floor of the Maastoren in Rotterdam, the highest office storey in the Netherlands, or visit you on location. When you leave your contactdetails in the contactform on the right, Blauwtulp will contact you.


Second opinion

You currently have your assets invested with an asset manager or bank and would like to have your portfolio examined? The Blauwtulp professionals can do this for you. They provide you an objective view on your portfolio and determine whether it is still in line with your current situation and goals.

You can leave your contactdetails  and a scan of you portfolio in the contactform on the right. Blauwtulp will then contact you on short notice.

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  • If you want you can indicate a time and date that is most convenient to you and Blauwtulp will contact you.
  • For a second opinion of your portfolio you can upload a scan of your portfolio below, or email to

The Maastoren


* Was first put into service on 15 March 2010.

* The tower has 44 storeys above surface and 2 underground.

* The color of the tower changes gradually with the height, from darkgray below to silverwhite at the top.

* The tower is heated in a durable way with water from the Nieuwe Maas.

* With its 164,75 meters altitude, the Maastoren is the tallest officebuilding in the Netherlands.